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Managing Diversity

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In today’s business environment, work teams consist of diverse individuals with an array of talents. So, to effectively manage a diverse team, you need to recognize each person’s differences and appreciate the value their differences bring to your team.

This course captures learners instantly by showing how and why a team with a variety of backgrounds and experiences brings a greater breadth of knowledge to bear on business challenges than a team composed of people with similar backgrounds, cultures, education, and gender. This course then teaches leaders tips and techniques for learning how to identify, encourage, and apply the different strengths and talents each diverse team member has to offer.

Use this course to teach leaders how to recognize the individual differences between their team members and how to appreciate and leverage the value their differences bring to the teams.


Organizational team leaders in all departments at all levels throughout the company

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Diversity Leads To Better Results
  • Tips For Building A Strong Team
  • Managing Diversity
  • Summary

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