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Scaling A Business: Creating and Scaling Culture

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This training addresses the benefits of creating a positive culture in the workplace. Creating good relationships and scaling culture is important for a successful business. Sometimes a culture goes downhill at a workplace because it was not a priority within the company. Maintaining a thriving company culture a good business strategy for organizations going through growth to stay aligned and keep employees engaged.

This course uses specific examples and interviews with business leaders who have advice on creating culture during growth periods. Maintaining culture is as important as creating it. There are different strategies for doing this, including bonus structures, accountability, and hiring practices.

Utilize the advice demonstrated in this course and learn how to create and maintain your organization’s culture.


All levels of management within an organization, even individuals being groomed for leadership roles

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • The Effects of Growth on Culture
  • Resolving Cultural Problems During Growth
  • Taking Culture Beyond the Individual Level
  • Learning from Past Experiences
  • Culture Causing Growth
  • Maintaining Culture
  • Creating Culture Through Hiring
  • Creating Culture Through Leadership
  • Creating Culture Through Social Interactions
  • Creating Culture Through Communication
  • Resolving Cultural Clashes

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