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Housekeeping: Good Housekeeping: Keeping Your Workplace Safe

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Workplaces can become hazardous if employees don't keep them clean. This training video explains how good housekeeping habits reduce the risk of slips, falls, fires, and exposure to hazardous vapors.

OSHA Standard 1910.22 applies to all workplaces and requires that walkways, surfaces, and store rooms are kept clean and clear. This course identifies hazards such as wet floors, clutter, dust, and overloaded electrical circuits. The action steps provided in this video show specific ways you can practice good housekeeping.

Take this opportunity to become aware of workplace hazards and learn how to prevent them. Use this training to teach your employees how to recognize hazards and the necessary housekeeping steps to keep your workplace clean and safe.


All Workers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Keeping Your Workplace Safe
  • The Dangers of Poor Housekeeping
  • Take Action: Awareness and Prevention

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