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April 15, 2015

3 job search tips for recent college graduates

Implement these three job search tips to avoid the stress that can build after college graduation.

Implement these three job search tips to avoid the stress that can build after college graduation.

Graduating from college can be an overwhelming lifestyle change, but your job search doesn’t have to be.
The job sector for recent college grads hasn’t been this stable since the Great Recession, and according to Marketplace Economy:

  • Engineering graduates will make an average of $63,000 in their first job.
  • The number of hired college graduates will increase by 16 percent through 2015.

The industries hiring the highest number of people right now include:

  • Business and scientific services
  • Finance and insurance
  • Government
  • Information services
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profits.

If you’re graduating this spring, or recently graduated this winter, implement these three tips into your job search routine.

  1. Create an innovative multimedia portfolio representation of your resume: With all the technological and social advancements made in the past decade, a simple resume on a piece of paper isn’t going to cut it. Employers want to see something different. Many expect an updated online portfolio and website. Others may want to see a short video about yourself and current documentation of past experience in that field. If your resume isn’t different from all the others in their pile, you will be passed over.
  2. Maintain an active and professional online presence: Use social media to your advantage. Make sure you’re utilizing and adding connections on LinkedIn, following those in your field on Twitter and periodically scrolling your Instagram for the latest changes. If you’re not sure if you’d want a potential boss to read a tweet aloud at a meeting, think before you hit send.
  3. Tailor resumes and cover letters to specific jobs: Resumes and cover letters must be specific to the job you are applying for. Generic bullet points and skills that have nothing to do with the position you want will only impede your success.

Also consider taking online training to learn more about the jobs and industries you want to hire into. offers a selection of training courses you can use to supplement your formal education, to make yourself the perfect candidate for the jobs you apply for. Check our the full course catalog here.

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