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January 20, 2016

3 things leaders should avoid in the workplace

3 things leaders should avoid in the workplace featured image

What should leaders avoid to ensure their employees remain satisfied and driven?

How can leaders continue to motivate their employees?

How can leaders continue to motivate their employees?

Employee engagement can be affected by a range of factors including overall retention, workload and offered benefits. As a leader, if you’re unsure of the motivation status in your office, you may already be in trouble. Engagement is one of the leading factors employees think of when choosing whether to look for work elsewhere or remain in their current position.
“Leaders don’t always realize their behavior is demotivating staff members, because they aren’t engaged enough with employees to understand which behaviors work and which ones don’t,” said Vip Sandhir, founder and CEO of employee engagement platform HighGround in a recent Business News Daily article. “Many leadership teams don’t understand the ongoing mood of a company.”
Ensure your employees are happy and engaged in their role by keeping the following three behaviors or instances outside of office hours.
Think beyond the bottom line. Although it is a business setting, the work employees complete should never be based on just the bottom line. Revenue is essential as it keeps a business open and successful, but focusing too much on it can cause employees to feel as if they’re worthless and affect the culture. Keep the needs of workers in mind, as well as their projected goals, as these are often most important in terms of success.
Stay out of the tiny details. As a leader, many employees will look to you for advice, workload management and new information. With this in mind, it’s easy to become swept up in handling every issue on a micro level. It’s imperative to let workers complete their own tasks in a manner that works best for company goals and personal needs. Micromanaging leads to burnout, unhappiness and most often, resentment.
Keep communication flowing. Finally, ensure nothing is blocking clear channels of communication. As projected timetables change or new developments are made, keeping everyone in the loop will only lead to benefits. According to a recent study conducted by The Office Club, 29 percent of worker motivation is spurred by leadership feedback. Prioritize check-ins and meetings to keep things positive in the workplace.
Take charge of your employee development starting today.

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