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April 1, 2015

3 ways to find the perfect work-life balance

Not having a solid work-life balance can create a sense of dissatisfaction and stress every day.

Not having a solid work-life balance can create a sense of dissatisfaction and stress every day.

Technology has become so infused within daily life that work seems to be following employees home more often than not. According to a recent Workplace Flexibility study conducted by Workplace Trends, there is an agreement gap between management training employers and workers concerning this balance. Sixty-seven percent of HR professionals think employees have their work and personal life balanced, while only 45 percent of employees and 35 percent of potential job seekers think they do.
This peak in dissatisfaction could be caused by factors including:

  • Remaining reachable outside of the office
  • Work devices being used for personal use
  • Personal devices being used for work
  • Emerging startups

If you feel as if work is taking over your life, set aside some personal time for reevaluation. Check out these three changes you can make in your life or add to employee training programs to find a better balance.
1. Focus while you’re at work: If you’re spending your day checking Facebook, scrolling Twitter or watching YouTube videos, the problem may lie in not so much as your job, but your work ethic. Work smarter, not harder, and get the most done at work while you’re there. If you’re being more productive at work, it could change how much you may need to bring home at night or on the weekend and in turn free up some time.
2. Put the phone (or any other work-related device) down: Don’t make yourself available every second of every day. Set a time at home where you no longer send work emails or phone calls. Constantly checking in with work and coworkers could be causing you unnecessary stress.
3. Say no: It’s okay to be selfish, and sometimes it’s exactly what you need. Don’t be afraid to say no to doing a work-related event or article during your time away from the office.

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