January 13, 2015

3 ways to succeed at work in 2015

Some simple changes can help you position yourself for success at work in the coming months.

Make 2015 a year of professional success!

The beginning of a new year is always a popular time to wipe the slate clean and try to form better habits. But rather than vowing, yet again, to lose 10 pounds, why not try to kick-start your career in 2015? Here are some ways to succeed at work over the next 12 months:
Ask for feedback:
Don’t just wait for your annual performance review to find out what you could be doing differently. Leadership development coach Todd Dewett tells Fast Company that the most successful workers tend to find one or two honest colleagues who are willing to offer them regular, consistent and constructive feedback about how they could improve their professional performance.
“Ask them what one thing you can do to become a better version of yourself at work over the next year,” he suggests. “You can make it even easier on them by not asking them to answer immediately. If they are willing to help, tell them to think about it and drop by later when they have a minute to share their ideas.”
Keep learning:
If you want to position yourself for professional success, it’s important to start viewing life as a classroom, taking an active approach to learning. You don’t have to take on the stress and expense of going back to school. Instead, invest a little time and money into an online learning course like the ones we offer at Mastery Technologies. You can improve your skills and build your knowledge base from the comfort of your own home.
Learn to manage stress:
Learning to manage your stress more effectively will almost certainly improve your professional performance, your personal relationships and your physical health. Whether you take an online course on stress management or simply hit the gym more often, try to make 2015 your least stressful year yet!

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