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February 3, 2016

4 tips for a better hiring process

How can your hiring process be better than it is?

How can your business better its hiring practices?

How can your business better its hiring practices?

The hiring process is the beginning of an employee’s future in your company, one that must be started with the best intentions and steps in place for their ultimate success.

Who has control over employee retention?

Employee turnover is most often in the hands of management, as they deal directly with screening candidates, hiring potentials and training those that make the mark. Hiring new employees is a vital part of a business, one that enables it to grow and develop over time. Retention should be a first thought when completing the hiring process.

How does lack of retention actually affect an office?

One of the major areas that poor retention rates can affect is the morale of the office. If there is a high turnover in a business, those employees that are left to pick up the pieces are often less productive and efficient than they would have been in a better environment.

What can leaders do to remedy the situation?

To improve your hiring process, keep the following four tips in mind:

  • Be sure to allow time for questions: Potential hires should feel free to ask questions about the position and come prepared with some in mind. Questioning the interviewer is a good sign of interest in the role, often deeper than the surface level.
  • Focus on potential too: If a new hire doesn’t have every skill you’ve listed in the job description, try to give him or her a chance anyway. Recently hired people often have a stronger spark to learn and develop.
  • Highlight the culture: Many new employees want to know more about the business culture, especially millennials. New hires often want to feel as if there is a welcoming, open group to join the ranks of.
  • Know what you’re looking for: Understand the needs of the position you’re hiring for, what you can compromise on and what qualifications must be had.

With better hiring practices, business practices can be improved greatly.

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