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June 17, 2015

4 tips your human resources department needs to know

How strong is your human resources department?

How strong is your human resources department?

Is your HR department as effective as it can be?
According to Business Vancouver, your company’s HR department is a vital part of employee happiness and retention. Many employers may look at a workplace as a work-driven 9-5, but viewing a job by seeing its employees, productivity and outside lives is just as crucial.
How can an HR department instill a sense of morale, satisfaction and happiness in its employees? Keep the following four tips in mind:

  • Avoid procrastination: Procrastination is one of the biggest killers of productivity and a job well done. Even if your team works best under pressure, encourage them to budget out their time, set goals and complete them. Saving everything until the last-minute creates a stressful work environment, and possibly causes team issues.
  • Build skills: Never stop teaching employees, and never stop learning about them. Schedule monthly or bi-monthly meetings to check in with team members. Ensure work practices are running smoothly, each person is pulling their weight and all issues are resolved. In addition, schedule refresher training to improve needed skills or learn new ones.
  • Create change: A human resources department can often be a source for change if it is built and cultivated as such. Listen to the needs of employees and respond in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Understand the signs of an unhappy employee: Human resources departments are often the last thing standing between an employee leaving a company or staying. Knowing the signs of an unhappy employee can help reduce the number of workers that leave.

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