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October 5, 2015

5 benefits of video-based training

Video-based training is an essential piece of employee development.

Video-based training is an essential piece of employee development.

How important is employee training? According to one study, 40 percent of employees who receive less than stellar training leave their position within the first year. Training is an essential, effective part of the overall success of a business and its employees.
Seventy-six percent of employees also said job training was important to them both in terms of their expectations and further career development.
Many businesses are making the switch to online training and e-learning video courses as their top form of employee development.
Twenty-five percent of training hours were conducted through online mediums in 2013, with 16 percent through self-paced online programs. These numbers are only continuing to grow, with ATD reporting 38 percent of training is delivered using online technology.
Keep the following benefits in mind when developing your newest employee training initiative:

  • Connecting employees across the globe: By using online learning mediums, employees have the opportunity to reach out to others that may be across their office or across the ocean. By connecting employees, workers have access to various mediums of the same job, as well as a more diversified knowledge base and professional network. With this in mind, employees can often envision their future in a business and how they can develop further to achieve it.
  • Knowledge retention: According to Business 2 Community, new hires will lose 70 percent of the information they learned during their training session the previous day. Often, new hires are overloaded with information, that is all necessary to complete their expected tasks and remember for future use. If information is presented as extremely important new and old employees may feel stressed to remember it all at one point in time, effecting overall retention and success.
  • Learning outside of conventional methods: Many employees are not able to learn in the same manner as others. Some learn information more effectively when directly taught, when readings are accompanied by discussions or information is repeated over time. Often, videos create a component that allows each person to learn in their own way, while covering all crucial information. Videos allow a new component of interactivity, as quizzes and general discussions can be based on what has been covered in each module. Plus learners can pause, rewind and listen to points they are confused on or didn’t catch the first time around.
  • Pacing: Employees learn at their own pace and should be given the resources that enable them to learn the best they can. Videos can be watched again and again, started from the beginning if necessary and explored further as well. Catering to the needs of employee learning displays an investment in their success within a business.
  • Reducing costs: As videos can be watched again and again, unlike holding a speaker for another night or opening a class, costs are often cut extensively, without affecting the outcome or overall worth.

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