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March 23, 2015

5 employee training concepts that should be refreshed

Having an employee mentor program is just one of many key issues that can be revisited in training.

Having an employee mentor program is just one of many key issues that can be revisited in training.

Before beginning their roles, many employees go through a crash course in expectations, involvement and overall job criteria. As a worker assumes their new position, questions may arise and material could change over time.
In addition, a recent Corporate Executive Board Committee study concluded that 11 percent of every day worker time can be categorized as “unproductive learning.”
Revisit these five employee training sections for optimal work output and productivity.
1. Awareness of generational differences.

  • The workforce is becoming a higher concentration of multigenerational workers, according to Business News Daily. Ensure engagement is effective for each level and use diverse learning standards known by each generation. Eradicate generational stereotypes that can hinder work fluidity and relationships through intervention and open forums.

2. Clarifying new and old standards.

  • Communication is key in training modules. Make sure employees completely understand what is being asked of them, how to achieve goals and who to ask for help if needed. If something didn’t work in the past, provide new material and examples of how to better complete tasks in the future.

3. Choice of training managers and guidelines.

  • Who you choose to conduct training sessions can play a huge role in future tactics and worker drive, noted AllBusiness experts. Choose someone who is well versed in the job role, easily approachable and dedicated. Likewise, training materials should be up-to-date and kept for future reference.

4. Hands-on training.

  • Infuse technology, real life situations and practice routines for employees to renew their understanding of the job role. According to TrainingToday, encouraging employees to ask questions and share experiences can only enhance training.

5.  Supervisor training and managerial mentorship.

  • Encourage those in leadership positions to help new employees and possibly cross-train old ones. Developing a mentorship program can cultivate work relationships and teamwork training, as noted by the U.S. Small Business Association.

All of these aspects of training and employee development can work with an online training program. For e-learning solutions to help you with your employee development plans, check out!

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