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March 17, 2015

5 leadership mistakes to avoid

Being a great leader is as easy as avoiding these common mistakes.

Being a great leader is as easy as avoiding these common mistakes.

Management training can be the difference between a collaborative, open office space and a quiet, unhappy one. According to The Pew Research Center, some of the most important leadership characteristics include honesty, intelligence, decisiveness and ambition.
Leadership is one of the largest realms of decision-making there is. As a leader, you’re not going to make the right call every time, or handle a situation in the best manner every day. Avoid these five common leadership mistakes in your workplace for a first step in the right management direction.
1. Failure to delegate.

  • Being a leader means having a say in almost everything that happens within your business. This responsibility can be overwhelming if you’re not delegating certain areas to capable employees. Inability to split work will not only wear you thin quickly, but also create a sense of distrust within your workers, according to Inc. Magazine.

2. Lack of clarity for present and future goals.

  • Focusing on smaller day-to-day issues may impede fixing larger and more drawn-out problems. Set weekly and monthly goals and decide how you want today’s accomplishments to affect tomorrow.

3. Little to no feedback or recognition.

  • According to American Express Open Forum, missing opportunities to provide feedback or recognition can hinder employee development. A simple “thank you” or other encouragement can drive motivation and improvement. Likewise, expressing concern over a specific problem or idea should be done in private to ensure a professional, satisfied atmosphere.

4. Not addressing problems as they arise.

  • Small and large issues can be a problem area for businesses, according to the National Contract Management Association. If there is a situation between employees, within worker output or office development, fix it as soon as possible for optimal results.

5. Poor communication.

  • According to Entrepreneur, leaders should “proactively communicate how plans, decisions, and actions align with the team’s organizational constitution.” If an employee doesn’t know what is happening, they won’t be able to complete the job.

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