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April 13, 2015

5 reasons to implement social media into employee development programs

Use social media components to your advantage!

Use social media components to your advantage!

Social media is everywhere you look. People are constantly refreshing their Twitter feeds, reloading their Instagram and updating their Tumblr dashboards. Social media can be an asset for your company’s growth and output, if you’re using it the right way. These are just five of the many ways you can use social media in your future employee training program:

  • Check out the competition: To succeed in life, oftentimes the first step is understanding where you stand in relation to where you want to be. Check out what your competition or dream companies are doing on social media. Implement changes or continue what is working best for you.
  • Expand horizons: Using the correct social media tools can change who you interact with. Schedule a virtual meeting space with employees across the globe using Skype or Oovoo. Mobile innovations now allow employees to connect on the move as well, increasing the playing field of social media and overall potential outreach.
  • Increase employee collaboration: According to Tech Republic, using social media can enhance and motivate employee relationships. Using social messaging systems like Google chat can allow employees to ask questions, seek clarification and mingle with ease.
  • Innovate your technology: A multifaceted approach such as videos, written examples and direct demonstrations can expedite the employee development process. The use of social media brings your company into the 21st century as well as your means of production.
  • Retain and attract new generations of employees: Companies spend between $15,00 and $25,000 on time and resources for replacing employees that decide to leave. Attract and retain your millennial workforce with the newest and most efficient means of social media usage.

With Mastery’s VOD platform, employees can access training courses from their mobile devices, and easily switch over to social media apps in order to continue the discussion on what they learned. For more training tips, OSHA news or LMS system innovation continue reading our blog.

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