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March 30, 2015

5 ways to be a better people person

Enhancing your people skills with help you both inside and outside of work.

Enhancing your people skills with help you both inside and outside of work.

Sometimes working with the public can make it hard to be a “good” people person. If this is you today, don’t sweat it. Remember these five tips when you’re interacting with coworkers and customers for optimal support and friendliness.
1. Be confident.

  • If you’re interacting with a customer, always try to be assertive and confident in your responses. If you don’t sound like you believe what you’re saying why should they believe you? Likewise, understand your job role and strive to accomplish expected tasks daily. Be confident in your work ethic for best results.

2. Leave your baggage at the door.

  • A commute to work can always go wrong, you’ll miss the elevator or maybe even miss your alarm going off in the morning. Stressful situations happen to everyone, but when you get to work try to focus on the positives of the day to start out on the right foot.

3. Listen.

  • Pay attention to what your customers are saying. Fully understanding the situation before intervening can save time for both you and them. Be social with coworkers and take five minutes out of even a busy day to talk. A quick conversation can be a nice break from the daily grind.

4. Put on your best face.

  • According to Inc., your facial expressions are extremely important at work. Make eye contact when speaking to people. Be aware of your resting face position and try to remain welcoming and approachable. No one likes the guy who’s constantly frowning or appears to be angry all the time.

5. Step outside your comfort zone.

  • Challenge yourself. If you’re shy, try striking up a conversation with someone in the office who you don’t really see all the time. If you feel ready, accept a different workload or venture with a new client. Being open to new ideas will show that you’re willing to meet new people.

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