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June 24, 2015

6 ways managers can improve employee development practices through setting expectations

Is your leadership capable of effective delegation of expectations?

Is your leadership capable of effective delegation of expectations?

How can expectations impact a work environment?
Setting expectations at work will also set the stage for a positive, easy to understand work environment. Although many employers and employees cite development as a major factor for job development, expectations are often left out of the conversation. Job expectations are one of the most crucial aspects of an employee’s day and must be created as such.
According to The Grindstone, setting expectations at work can be impacted by the 4 Cs: Clarity, Communication, Confidence and Contingencies. Oftentimes though, expectations depend on the field in which managers lead, the type of daily tasks completed and other factors.
Keep these six tips in mind the next time you set expectations for a new hire or additional employee project:

  • Communicate effectively: Ensure an employee understands their role in an office or project. Connecting their role to the bigger picture can help them see the importance of their job and why their contribution is important.
  • Document what you want in writing and in person: Let employees know what you want through email correspondence and in-person checkups. Don’t hover, but don’t let them think you don’t care about a project, as this can impact motivation.
  • Don’t be afraid of change: If one employee isn’t a perfect fit for the job, change positions or workers. Playing on strengths instead of weaknesses creates a happier, more self-successful environment.
  • Give and get feedback: Implementing feedback into a work environment can help clarify changes, adapt practices if needed and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Look into the past: Looking at expectations in the past can help leadership decide the best course of action for future training and development.
  • Set goals: Working goals are the root of expectations. Setting realistic goals can motivate workers, spurring work input and productivity.

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