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December 29, 2014

A Smile Goes A Long Way – Start 2015 with a Smile!

images (1)Did you know that forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood? Or, that smiling is a universal sign of happiness?
Within the workplace, smiling can go a long way. As small as it can be, a smile can change your entire mood and set or improve the atmosphere for others. It’s safe to say that smiling is contagious in and outside the workplace. Smiling shows that one is happy, enjoys their job and wants to see others smile.
According to an article published by Sunwarrior, smiling can slow one’s heart rate, as well as relax the body. People who smile or laugh often are less likely to develop heart disease. Lowering your heart rate allows the heart to work without overworking. Stress within the workplace affects not only your mind but also your body. Studies have shown people smile 5 to 20 times a day, and 28% of the smiles that occur over 20 times per day happen while at work.
Smiling not only exudes confidence but also relieves stress. Something simple as a smile, whether talking on the phone or being with a customer face to face can benefit your business greatly. It is said smiling can increase productivity while performing tasks and can instill trust between a customer and a sales associate.Russian-Smile-11
Did you know smiling can boost your immune system? When you smile, your body is more relaxed, contributing toward a stronger immune system and better health.  So, why not smile?
Mastery wants to help keep your customers happy and your employees productive in the new year. Mastery’s “Smile! Customer Service” course expounds on the importance of supplying Sincerity, Motivation, Integrity, Laughter and Enthusiasm when providing customer service.
In 2015, remind your employees “The best thing to do with a smile is to give it away!”

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