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August 25, 2014

Are You An Effective Communicator?

On an interview, one of the most highly anticipated questions an employer can ask a potential employee is, “what are your strengths?” Most interviewees quickly respond, “I have great communications skills.”
Do you know that 85% of our success is dependent upon our communication skills? That is right, how one interacts with their employer, co-workers, family and friends can help in contributing to one’s success. communication
Everyone benefits from good communication. As a communicator myself, it is very important to me to also be an effective listener. Below are 5 of my personal tips that I implement when cultivating my own communications skills.

  1. Be authentic! Be enthusiastic about what you are speaking about. Showing you are enthusiastic about the topic you are discussing shows that you are open—and places the other individual in a position to potentially share more with you.
  2. Communication is a two–way conversation. No person wants to hear themselves talk. Be sure to ask open-ended questions in order to create  dialogue with your co-worker on a particular subject.
  3. Be an active listener, not a passive one. The person that you are communicating with requires your undivided attention. Do not be afraid to reference what the person said in your conversation to show that you are listening.
  4. Body language is a form for communication. Pay close attention to the person’s body language. Tailor your responses to their body language, tone, etc. to mimic what you have observed.
  5. Be aware of distractions that can present themselves during your conversation with your boss, co-workers or even family and friends. The smallest thing as a pen dropping, or a door closing or opening can draw your attention away from the subject at hand. Do your best to adjust accordingly and avoid giving into the distractions.

effective-communicationAt Mastery, we are committed to developing strong organizations. Train your employees in the tools needed to be effective communicators and leaders within your organization.
Do you consider yourself an effective communicator? What tips do you recommend when cultivating your communication skills?

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