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April 10, 2015

Are you an exceptional leader?

Growing up, everyone wanted to be a leader. Let’s reflect, think back to when you were in elementary school. Everyone wanted to be the leader of the line, to lead your class out to lunch, recess or even art class. Or, how in high school, you may have wanted to be the vice president, president or just hold a position on your student council, lead the popular club or be the captain of a sport team.Blawg-Leadership
Regardless of where you fit in, everyone wants to be a leader. Everyone desires in some point of their lives to be the leader. The one that sets the example for others, walks with integrity, shows empathy, provide confidence and accountability.
Even in the workplace, the desire to be in leadership still resides. Leaders within the workplace are known for leading by example. Just like growing up throughout elementary to high school, employees can still to be in a  position where they can lead others and showcase integrity. Leaders within the workplace display empathy, provide confidence and accountability to others. A great leader within the workplace produces other great leaders.
From courage, effective communication, authenticity and humility, Forbes’ “12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders” shares with readers elements of leadership that will assist them in becoming great leaders within the workplace.genyyoungvsolder
Mastery wants to help your employees become great leaders with our 10 Behaviors of An Ethical Leader course. The course explores how to exhibit honor and reliability within the workplace.
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