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March 10, 2015

Are you ready for a promotion?

Getting a promotion can become a reality if you understand exactly how to get there.

Getting a promotion can become a reality if you understand exactly how to get there.

Getting a promotion can be a longer process than you may think. Promotions require strong work ethic, dedication to employee development, and overall passion for the position. Getting a promotion may be a goal that everyone has, but if one is offered, make sure it is the best decision for you. Ask yourself these four questions before you commit to a career change:
Do you know why you want the promotion?

  • A promotion means more than a change in job description, it’s adopting a new set of daily responsibilities. A promotion can be sought for numerous reasons including long-term goals, future employment and enhancing current skills. Knowing your own abilities and understanding what you bring to the table, according to Time, can increase your chance of getting the promotion.

Are you qualified for the position?

  • According to Forbes, professionals are often mistaken about what might prompt a promotion. “A common misperception in corporate America is that longevity equals a promotion. That’s simply not the case in our modern work culture,” said president of Talent Zoo, Amy Hoover to Forbes. Speak with your boss or human resources to learn exactly what leadership roles require, such as additional management training.

Are you networking?

  • If you want to lead a team, first you have to know your team. According to U.S. Money, being a “familiar face” within your company will allow others to see your passion for the position. Don’t be afraid to reach out to coworkers to understand their roles as well. Knowing what other employees are doing and how they are doing it will ensure overall fluidity and knowledge when you change job roles.

Why haven’t you already been promoted?

  • If other leadership positions have been opened and filled, why haven’t you previously been chosen? Make sure office leadership knows that you would like to move up within the company. If you continue to be passed over, schedule a meeting to address any underlying issues keeping you from your success.


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