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December 27, 2012

Are Your Employees “Fire Ready”?

The lack of employee training on fire safety and emergency procedures is one of the most common issues companies have when it comes to fire prevention.
Training videos such as; Fire Extinguisher Training for Employees, and Fire Extinguishers: Ready to Respond, demonstrate procedures for handling a fire should one occur.
Common themes in the training videos include learning about the five classes of fire (A,B,C,D and K), how to react for each class of fire, as well as the P.A.S.S. procedure for using a fire extinguisher (pull the pin, aim the nozzle, squeeze the handle and sweep from side to side).
These informative fire prevention videos can help employees stay informed on fire prevention, safety and procedures. Check out this article from Occupational Health and Safety magazine for additional information on other important factors for a fire safety program.

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