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July 1, 2016

Ask Jeff! Benefits of a Culture of Learning

Ask Jeff! Benefits of a Culture of Learning featured image
A positive company culture often leads to high employee retention rates.

How could your company culture improve?

Earlier this week we posted about fostering a culture of learning within an organization. We talked about ways to help encourage learning and development among employees. Today, we are going to continue this discussion with Jeff Holth, MasteryTCN’s Channel Partner Program Manager. So Jeff, we spoke about some ways organizations can encourage a culture of learning, can you talk about why having a culture of learning is beneficial?

First, organizations should not regard training as a means to an end. Training is not a one-time thing, and is more than just checking off a box on a list of things you must do. Organizations who take the time and resources to provide employees with professional development opportunities see a wealth of benefits.

Training changes behaviors. When you train employees, the result is employees who are safer, more productive and more effective at helping your organization reach its goals. Employees also perceive organizations who offer learning opportunities in a positive light. Employees feel valued and appreciated when their company makes the effort to invest in their employees’ careers.

There is an idea employers sometimes throw around that training employees is only preparing them for their next job at another company. This thinking needs to be thrown away. When done right, employee development helps employees be better contributors to your organization. It becomes a “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” situation. When you help employees grow and fulfill new responsibilities and job roles, they are going to be motivated to stay. Organizations with training programs benefit from having a more productive and committed workforce.

All that being said, e-learning is one method that makes this all incredibly easy for employees. It allows you to assign employees the training they need to do their job (such a forklift safety training), AND it makes it easy to offer them an opportunity to build skills (such as leadership or computer application skills) that may help them move to the next job role within your company. With e-learning employees can engage in professional development when it fits into their schedule, without interrupting their day or taking time away from critical tasks.

jeffThose are all excellent points Jeff! The benefits of an organization that values employee development are endless. Check back here for more articles on employee development and for our next Q & A session.
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