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May 26, 2016

Ask Jeff! Implementing Online Training

jeffWe are going to start a new series on the blog called, Ask Jeff! In this series we will be talking with Jeff Holth, the Channel Partner Program Manager here at MasteryTCN. Jeff has agreed to share some insider tips and insights to help organizations make thoughtful decisions when it comes to e-learning and employee development.
Earlier this month we talked about implementing an online employee training program. One of the common hurdles involved in implementation is the workload put on IT staff or whoever is involved in supporting making sure the online courses work with whatever Learning Management System or Talent Management System is being used. What are some things organizations should consider when it comes to the support/IT side of selecting online training?

One of the things organizations should consider when looking at content providers is whether they can get all (or most) of the content they need from one provider, and whether or not that content is all built on a standardized platform. The more variety in the way courses are published means bigger headaches for implementation. Find a vendor who offers content published on a courseware platform. This way when you see one course work with your system, you can be confident they will all work.

Many Learning Management System and Talent Management System companies are offering content with their software offerings, making it even easier for clients to take on implementation. Finding a LMS or TMS provider who offers content is a major bonus, because you know the content will work smoothly with your system.

Thanks Jeff for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts! Stay tuned for the next post when we ask Jeff about the necessity of mobile capabilities for e-learning.

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