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August 26, 2016

Ask Jeff! Leadership and Organizational Change

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Creating a Mindset for Change

Last week we posted about five important programs for your workplace. Some of these included wellness, mentoring, and professional development. Another program any organization can benefit from is leadership development.
Jeff Holth, MasteryTCN’s Channel Partner Program Manager, is here today to talk with us about leadership development and a new training program offered through the Mastery Training Content Network. So Jeff, what do you have to share with us today about leadership development?

jeffOne challenge leaders face is guiding their team through organizational change. One of the biggest pitfalls organizations fall into when managing change is focusing on communicating the change and talking about the processes and procedures, instead of focusing on the organization’s mindset toward the change. When the individuals involved are not aligned and approaching organizational change with an innovative, change-adaptive mindset, change efforts tend to fail.

The new program we have, called “Creating a Mindset for Change,” answers this need. The program is made up of six parts, and is meant to be taken with a spaced learning approach – so take one part every two weeks over the course of three months for example. The brains behind the program is Laura Goodrich, who is internationally recognized for her work as a global workforce innovator and author of the book, Seeing Red Cars.

Goodrich has taken the concepts from her Seeing Red Cars book and combined it with a strategy for creating a workplace characterized by positive change. The course helps leaders understand the things that get in the way of change. From there the course coaches you to create thoughts, actions, and behaviors that align with the outcomes you want.

This program should be a cornerstone of an organization’s leadership development program. The course helps leaders achieve a mindset for change, and gives them the tools to engage their team to create a collective mindset for adapting to change and solving problems.

That sounds like a program that could be really transformative for an organization. Leaders must always make sure they are guiding their teams to reach the organization’s goals, and that program sounds like a wonderful resource to keep a team thinking forward.
If you are interested in this program or other training content, click here and see if your LMS provider is part of the Mastery Training Content Network or to contact us for a referral.

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