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June 17, 2016

Ask Jeff! Leadership Training for Everyone

We recently posted an article here about how leaders create leaders. Building leadership throughout an organization is critical. Today we have Jeff Holth, MasteryTCN’s Channel Partner Program Manager, here to discuss how companies can grow leaders at every level of their organization. So Jeff, how can organizations take on a leadership training program that all employees can benefit from?

jeffWell the first obstacle an organization might see is that traditional leadership development programs are often costly and time-consuming. In-person seminars or workshops often require travel, which costs the organization in dollars and time away from work. So my recommendation is to utilize online leadership training content.

By incorporating leadership training into an online program employees can access when it is convenient to their work schedule. Not only are online learning opportunities convenient for scheduling, they save organizations money. For what it might have cost you to train a select few at an in-person program, you can easily afford to offer online leadership training to everyone.  

Online training also makes it easy for organizations to craft a curriculum specific to an employee’s needs. With a wide-variety of content available, employers can pick and choose the skills they want employees to build. For example, you can assign courses on decision-making and providing feedback to one group of employees, while assigning courses on delegation skills and organizational change to another.

Also, the idea of a “great” leader is a bit subjective. Using online learning allows you to expose your employees to best practices from a variety of experts, instead of sending them to hear one “guru” give their take on leadership skills.

Adding leadership training to your existing e-learning program is a great way to reach all employees with skills that will help the whole organization succeed.

E-learning sounds like a great option for organizations to who want to spread great leadership skills throughout their workforce.
If you are interested in e-learning content, check out MasteryTCN to see if your current LMS provider works with us or to get a referral.  

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