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June 3, 2016

Ask Jeff! Mobile and E-Learning

jeffLast week we talked with Jeff about implementation of e-learning programs and how to overcome supporting e-learning content built on multiple platforms. Today we are going to talk with Jeff Holth, MasteryTCN’s Channel Partner Program Manager, about an always hot topic – mobile.
In this past blog post we discussed the flexibility mobile-friendly training offers employers and employees. So what are your thoughts, is mobile-enabled training a “nice to have” or a necessity?

Make mobile a requirement when choosing e-learning. There are many reasons for wanting your e-learning content to be accessible on mobile – giving employees the ability to put their own professional development in the palm of their hand is empowering. The more we are on the move, the more we expect out of our mobile devices, so having access to training should be no different. If an employee wants to be able to complete a training assignment while waiting at the airport, or when they have a few extra minutes before a meeting starts, let them.

How can mobile learning enhance your business?

How can mobile learning enhance your business?

Your best case scenario is to find an e-learning solution that allows users to access the same content from any device. You want your employees to be able to start training on their desktop computer, pick up where they left off on their tablet, and finish it on their smart phone without missing a single lesson.

Particularly with so many companies moving to BYOD (bring your own device) programs it is essential for training content to work across browsers and operating systems. Finding content that works on the greatest amount of devices is going to offer you the least amount of headaches and the most flexibility. The bottom line is don’t accept content that won’t work on mobile.

Thanks Jeff, that is great information! Stay tuned for the next installment of our Q & A session, where we will talk about the benefits of diversity training.

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