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July 15, 2016

Ask Jeff! Safety Training for Everyone

Earlier this week we posted “6 simple ways to make your workplace safer.” Safety is critical at every workplace, from an office to a construction site. Today we have Jeff Holth, Channel Partner Program Manager at MasteryTCN, here to talk with us about safety training. Given that there are plenty of safety topics employees should train on based on their specific jobs, there must be some topics all employees can benefit from. So Jeff, can you talk to us about some categories of safety training every business should train all their employees on?

Absolutely. One of the first categories that might be easily overlooked is training on having a safety culture or safe attitudes. It can be easy for employees to think accidents or injuries won’t happen to them, and to have the idea that they don’t need to “think” about safety. There are many courses available that help put employees in the right mindset to remember why safety and training are so important. Watching a course where people share real stories about accidents or near misses is a good way to remind employees that accidents can happen anywhere to anyone.

The next category you might not think of is emergency planning or emergency preparedness. Having a plan, and having employees who are trained to respond and react in emergency situations can mitigate damage when an emergency occurs. Preparing people with what to do during emergencies, like a fire or if a co-worker needs first aid, gives them the tools to react appropriately if a situation occurs. It is unfortunate that workplace violence has become so prevalent, but preparing employees on how to deal with a violent employee or even an active shooter scenario should also be a consideration. Giving people the tools to know how to react to these types of horrific situations gives everyone the best chance at staying safe during an emergency.

On a bit of a lighter note, the last topic I’ll mention today is back safety. Back injuries affect 80% of American adults at some point in their lives. One thing to think about is back injuries can occur over time, so all of the weeks, months and years of improperly lifting or carrying things can lead you to a bad back. Learning the basics of safe lifting, ergonomics and stretching can help employees proactively prevent back injuries, ultimately protecting their health and quality of life.

jeffOf course, employers should also ensure they are meeting training regulations as required by OSHA, and training employees based on the hazards present at their work site. So these are just a few of the many topics employers should add to their safety training curriculum.

You made some great recommendations Jeff. These are all important topics to cover with employees at any organization. Check back here for more articles on employee development and for our next Q & A session.
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