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July 29, 2016

Ask Jeff! Workplace Training for Everyone

Last time we talked with Jeff, MasteryTCN’s Channel Partner Program Manager, we discussed workplace safety training. We recently posted ways to improve teamwork, so today we are going to discuss training on non-safety workplace skills, such as leadership and teamwork.
Jeff, last week you shared with us areas of safety training all employees should be trained in; this week can you share with us some non-safety topics employers should consider training everyone on?

Of course. One of the benefits of utilizing e-learning programs is you can quickly train all your employees when it is most convenient for them. Sending employees to costly leadership seminars and taking away hours or days at a time from work is a thing of the past.

Training on leadership skills can be accessible for all employees. The skills we train leaders on are skills every employee benefits from. You don’t have to focus on people with “manager” titles, you can grow leaders at every level of your organization. Online training makes this possible.

One of the topics mentioned in last week’s blog post was mediation. Training on conflict resolution is a great way to give employees the tools to deal with conflicts on their own. A lot of times people regard these types of “soft skills” as common sense, but there are some real best practices and skills to be learned when it comes to dealing with conflict and communication.

This is why my third and final recommendation is communication training. Everyone thinks communication is something you are born with, but everyone can improve their skills to speak, write and listen more effectively. There truly are skills to learn when it comes to effectively communicating with peers, customers and superiors.

jeffAgain, the great thing about training on all these topics with e-learning courses is employees can fit in employee development when it is convenient to them. We even have some training series featuring short, 3-5 minute long, courses on things like communication skills. So, an employee could learn something new in the same amount of time it takes to wait for a meeting to get started or wait for your lunch to heat up in the microwave.

Those are all great points. Everyone, at every level of an organization, can benefit from building skills in leadership, conflict resolution and communication. The employees being trained benefit, and the organization training them benefits when they realize they have more effective and productive teams. Check back here for more articles on employee development and for our next Q & A session.
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