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April 4, 2011

Blended Learning with Video On Demand

The on-demand availability of music and movies has become commonplace with applications such as iTunes and services like Netflix. With a single click you can download the newest album of your favorite band or watch your favorite movies and television shows. YouTube allows you to access and distribute video clips to millions of users. The ease and accessibility of media consumption should be no different in the training industry.

Instead of constantly hunting for the training DVD, which cost several hundred dollars, with the click of your mouse you can purchase and begin a Video On Demand training course. Having access to a digital library of training, will not only remove the clutter and hassle of keeping track of DVDs it will help enrich your training classroom.

Video is simply more interesting than reading words on a screen or listening to words being read. In my own personal life I have noticed an increase in video clips integrated into all websites. On a help page, I will always click to watch the short instructional video instead of reading the page of text. Many news websites include video clips in lieu of reading articles.

In the world of training, video means the different in seeing a concept demonstrated instead of having to visualize what is being explained.  Video can bring the work environment into the classroom, allowing learners to see whatever they are learning about in relation to their own lives. For safety-related materials, this means you can see safe behaviors being carried out and even see the consequences of ignoring safety procedures. Video allows learners to relate to the people and places in the course, making the training seem more personal.

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