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November 11, 2013

Comply With the ADA; Keep the Workplace Respectful

Employers have a great responsibility when hiring at their workplace; welcoming and integrating the millions of Americans that live with disabilities.  More than 50 million Americans have disabilities and want to work.  Mastery recently released a training course produced by content partner, Quality Media Resources, covering this topic; “The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Revisited.
Though the majority of Americans with disabilities want to work, most do not have jobs.  Unfortunately, many of them do not have jobs because of the fears and concerns based on stereotypes employers hold; keeping qualified individuals out of the workplace when being considered for the job.  These notions are where the ADA comes into play.  The ADA protects people:

  • with a disability
  • with a history of a disability
  • regarded as having a disability
  • related to a person with a disability

Under the ADA, it is illegal to discriminate against a qualified employee applicant because of a disability.  This training course offers advice and guidance in order to comply with the ADA and maintain a respectful work environment.
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