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February 4, 2015

Composing An E-mail 101

How many hours do you spend checking your e-mail? Whether it takes you 20 mins or 2 hours to check your e-mail, the use of email has become a way of life. For some, taking their eyes off of their e-mails can make them feel as though they are missing something.120
E-mail has become as vital as checking our standard mail through the U.S. Postal system. Like use of the U.S. Postal system, sending mail becomes permanent. Once you send it, whether through e-mail or through the postal system, there is no way to “take it back.” Creating concise e-mails is imperative for administrative employees in any field of choice.
Sending e-mails can be your first introduction to someone and can determine one’s view of you. It reflects how we are as individuals.
Mastery Technologies has released new Partner activities, produced by content partner Vado, to help you with the task of e-mailing . The activity entitled, Becoming a Contributing Project Team Member: Clear and Concise Emailsfocuses on the importance of writing great e-mails. Mastery wants to share with you a few pointers from this training to assist you in creating concise e-mails:email
When writing an e-mail, remember these four items:

    • Subject – Include a subject line. When creating a subject line, remember good subject lines are concise and informative.
    • Message – This is the body of your e-mail. Keep it concise and to the point. Don’t use the body of your e-mail to tell a story. Use paragraph breaks when needed and professional language.
    • Response – This is described as your call to action. What would you like the person to do? Feedback? Deadline? Be sure to share what you desire your recipient to do.
    • Review – Always proofread and review your e-mails before sending.

For further detail on how to create a concise e-mail, check out this activity!
By implementing these simple steps to developing a concise e-mail, your administrative employees will be on their way to becoming contributing team members and leaders. For a complete list of courses, visit

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