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September 25, 2014

Continuing education opportunities can dramatically improve employee retention

Companies that offer their employees continuing education opportunities often have lower turnover rates.

Empower your employees to improve their professional skills through inexpensive, online training courses.

If you would like to improve your employee retention rates, consider offering your team more opportunities for continuing education. According to the New England College of Business, when employees participate in workplace learning programs, turnover rates typically fall by 50 percent or more.
The good news: You don’t have to spend a fortune sending your employees to off-site classes. Instead, take advantage of inexpensive, user-friendly online employee development courses like those offered by Mastery Technologies. In many ways, these online options are actually more conducive to efficient learning than their classroom counterparts.
“Online training allows the ability for learners to access the coursework at their own convenience and their own pace, allowing for 24/7 access and a higher level of accountability” continuing education expert Jefferson Flanders tells Inc. Magazine. “Because unlike face-to-face training where a learner can be present physically but perhaps not mentally, most effective online training or education will have built-in assessments to challenge the learner to demonstrate understanding of the content as they progress.”
Mastery Technologies provides a variety of continuing education training courses to help workers advance in their careers. Users have the opportunity to develop diverse and advanced skill sets as they learn to handle conflict, manage a team and work together to achieve goals. When employees improve in these and other areas, they feel more professionally fulfilled in addition to helping your company become more efficient and productive.
Workers who are learning to contribute in new and exciting ways tend to feel more motivated and invested in their workplace, which makes them less likely to look for job opportunities elsewhere. Make a small investment in continuing education now, and you could ultimately save your company thousands of dollars in recruitment, hiring and training costs.

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