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February 3, 2015

Crafting a corporate vision of change

If you are making specific changes at your company, a vision statement can help your team stay on track.

A corporate vision statement can help your company meet its goals.

You know that you need an overarching company vision, but what about narrower vision statements to articulate goals for short, medium and long-term change? Forbes contributor Kotter International suggests that in addition to your mission statement, you should also articulate a separate but related message whenever you are embarking on a project for innovation. Change statements help propel a business from Point A to Point B, keeping everyone focused on the end goal.
“A great change vision is something that is easy for people to understand,” says the article. “It can be written usually in a half page, communicated in 60 seconds, is both intellectually solid but has emotional appeal, and it’s something that can be understood by the broad range of people who are ultimately going to have to change — and that could be a secretary or an executive, it could be somebody from Germany or from the United States. Which makes it easy to communicate and to communicate it in a way that people will ‘get it,’ if you will, and will, if you do it right, buy into it.”
Let’s say your company plans to grow its position as an industry thought leader, by writing more original literature and participating in a greater number of industry events, conventions and expert panels. This ideal might very well find a place in the company’s overall mission, but a focused change statement can also help you make such a lofty goal a concrete reality.
Crafting a corporate vision is challenging, and connecting employees to organizational goals is even more difficult. However, these skills can be learned, thanks to Mastery Technologies array of online training courses on this topic. Browse our complete list of offerings today.

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