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June 30, 2011

Crash Course in Handling an On-the-Job Car Accident

According to the National Safety Council vehicle accidents are the number 1 cause of unintentional workplace deaths in the United States. The National Safety Council web site on employer traffic safety provides a wealth of information on different driving behaviors which often cause crashes and how they relate to employers and professional drivers.
The program explores:

Despite all precautions, even the safest drivers can end up in an accident. So if you are on the clock or driving a company vehicle and you get into a crash what do you do? 
While you are at the scene of the accident your supervisor won’t be there to tell you how to react to the situation – it is critical you get all the information to ensure the post-accident investigation and resolution will go smoothly.

The Video On Demand course, “Crash Course: Vehicle Incident Reporting” takes professional drivers through the steps of what to do when an accident occurs. The course covers what employees should do to get help and how to handle the situation before the police arrive. Tips for gathering information and documenting the situation demonstrated, including what to do once the police arrive.
Incident investigations and reports help uncover ways for employees to avoid accidents in the future. If employees keep calm and follow the steps to accurately and truthfully report an incident everyone will be better for it in the long-run. Don’t wait till an accident has happened to figure out how to respond, prepare your employees with the steps to take should they become involved in a vehicle collision.  

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