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November 10, 2014

Cut stress to increase productivity and profit

Is workplace stress hurting your company's bottom line?

Encourage employees to take regular short breaks away from their desks to decrease stress and increase productivity.

We all know  stress is bad for workplace morale, but did you know it can actually hurt the bottom line? Research has indicated that elevated stress levels may make people more susceptible to illness, leading to higher rates of absenteeism. It also takes a toll on productivity, with unhappy workers getting 10 percent less done on average, according to some workplace wellness experts. Of course, stressful professional environments often also have high turnover rates, which can cost companies thousands of dollars every year.
If your business or department is struggling to improve employee retention and/or productivity, consider investing in stress management training courses from Mastery Technologies. Our online learning resources can help you and your fellow executives and managers identify ways to lower overall stress levels, reducing turnover and creating a more positive environment.
Of course, a certain amount of stress is inevitable in virtually any workplace, which means it is equally important to train team members on how to manage anxiety, so that they can rise to meet high-pressure occasions. Empower your employees to better respond to stressful situations using our array of courses on the topic, which can even help them use stress to their advantage. In the meantime, here are some tips to get you started:
Eating healthy, regular meals is believed to cut stress.
Exercise is a mood booster, and even small increases can make a difference. Encourage your employees to take breaks throughout the day, perhaps walking around the block before getting back to work. They’ll return rejuvenated and better able to focus.
Laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to stress! Try to create a culture that values a sense of humor.

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