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April 14, 2011

Defensive Driving for Cargo Vans and Delivery Vehicles

Anyone driving a cargo van or delivery truck needs to be aware of the hazards involved with their job. Being on the road day in and day out puts your safety in the hands of yourself and the other drivers on the road. There are driving techniques you can adapt to become a safer driver, while becoming more aware of the behaviors of the drivers around you.
Defensive Driving Cargo Vans,” a Video On Demand training course, provides insight on how to avoid making driving mistakes. Lessons cover driving preparation, driver awareness and defensive driving techniques.
Defensive Driving and Cargo Vans
Once you arrive at your delivery destination the risks of the road do not vanish. The process of loading and unloading a delivery vehicle presents a new host of risks to both the driver of the vehicle and loading dock employees. It is said a shifting load is one of the most dangerous hazards to a delivery professional – leading to personal injury on top of product damage.
Safe Loading and Unloading of Delivery Vehicles” provides safety measures to take when arriving at a location, including how to back-up safely and what to do before unloading. Safe work practices are discussed for the loading process as well. Learners are presented with a story of a real-life incident, providing a personal look at the consequences of ignoring safety precautions.
Defensive Driving Training
All professional delivery drivers should be aware of the risks they face everyday. Both of these training courses will help you prevent incidents, so you can get your job done safely and effectively.

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