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August 1, 2011

How to Avoid the Dangers of Asbestos

A material that is lightweight, heat-resistant and sound absorbing is invaluable to the construction industry. What if that same useful material  has the potential to cause cancer or other fatal illnesses? Sounds like a major issue to those who work with the material and anyone who may be exposed to it, doesn’t it?
Well, the material being described is none other than asbestos. Before the dangers of the mineral were discovered it was commonly used in the many construction and building processes for its positive qualities; today it is highly regulated by OSHA and the EPA because of its hazardous properties.

It is important to remember asbestos becomes dangerous when the fibers (which are invisible to the human eye) are inhaled/ingested. Materials containing asbestos which are not damaged are not dangerous and it is often best to leave them alone.
The OSHA standard regarding asbestos is available, as well as other information on asbestos. OSHA also provide a fact sheet on asbestos.
The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has information on what to do about asbestos in the home on their website. They provide information about the hazards of asbestos, as well as how to find the appropriate people to help take corrective action if some asbestos-containing material becomes damaged or is in need of repair.

Asbestos Awareness” is an online training video which demonstrates to workers the dangers of the materials, ways to reduce chances of exposure, and how to safely assist in the repair or removal of asbestos.
Provide your employees with asbestos awareness training so they can protect themselves from the dangers of this deadly material.

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