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May 1, 2013

Donate to the West, Texas Victims

The massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas left the small community in shock after the tragedy took place.  As the community mourns over the 14 lives lost, and more than 160 people injured, you can’t help but ask questions such as; how and why?  Though answers will take a long time to come to light – one of the best actions for support is donating to the West community.
With Mastery’s dedication to workplace safety and prevention, we felt obligated to somehow help with such a workplace disaster.  We decided to donate to the “Brazos Valley Media Giving Back” fund for people affected from the explosion.  The various donation locations and contact information can be found here. also offers advice on a variety of ways to help the victims of the explosion on its website.
Catastrophes like the West, Texas explosion are devastating to families, communities and the country.  Many small communities, such as West, rely on volunteer firefighters to be their first responders.  Unfortunately, these volunteers do not always have access to the same training like full-time fire fighters (as touched on in this USA Today article).   We want to remind organizations the importance of workplace training to help prevent injuries of workers in whatever industry you are in.
Along with donating to relief funds,  we understand just how powerful training can be in numerous situations.  Training is a valuable resource, and can have a major impact of safety of workers; training should be proactive, not reactive.
You can support West by donating at one of the sites above.  Our thoughts are with the victims of this disaster and the community in its recovery.

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