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February 27, 2014

Don’t Ignore the Dangers of Texting/Talking While Driving

Cell phones are the most prevalent distraction on the road.  The societal pressures of constantly being connected are felt every time the phone goes off in the car, and waiting to answer that call or text, for whatever reason, doesn’t appeal to most people while driving.

Mastery’s newly released course title, “Hang Up and Drive: The Jacy Good Story,” goes through Jacy’s devastating story as told by her boyfriend, Steve, and herself.  They share shocking statistics discovered by research they’ve done.

Some points they make:
-23% of all crashes involve cell phone use
-Multitasking is extremely dangerous while driving
-Texting drivers are more likely to crash than drunk drivers
Tragedies like Jacy’s have long-term effects on everyone involved in her life, as well as the drivers of the other cars involved in the crash.  This course not only shows a real-life story of a cell-phone related crash, but also gives advice on what you can do to stay safe while driving.  Hang up before you get behind the wheel!

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