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July 15, 2013

Don’t Let Fall Protection Awareness Lose its Fame

The proper use of a personal fall arrest system allows a worker to survive a fall with minimal injury.  Sometimes proper procedures begin to take a back seat because of the repetitive daily processes on the job; but the quality of a worker’s safety depends on following proper procedures day-in and day-out.  In the training course, “Surviving the Fall: The Proper Use of Your Personal Fall Arrest System,” learners witness the guidelines in keeping them safe, should a fall happen.
Course topics include:

  • Approved anchor points
  • Connecting devices
  • Double-locking snap hooks
  • Inspection of the connecting device
  • The body harness
  • Preventing sudden-stop injuries
  • Limiting fall distance
  • Calculating total fall distance
  • Use of fall-limiting devices
  • Preventing common fall arrest mistakes
  • Self-rescue from suspension trauma
  • Employing your facility’s rescue plan

This program offers an overview of a personal fall arrest system while also pointing out common mistakes to avoid.  Promote workplace safety by using this course – and make it simple by using our mobile-friendly, VOD platform.

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