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December 1, 2014

Driving training may reduce employee crashes by nearly 60 percent

Defensive driving training saves lives and money.

If your employees spend anytime on the road while on the clock, invest in defensive driving training.

Defensive driving training, like the kind we offer through Mastery Technologies, can significantly decrease the likelihood of on-the-job collisions for both professional drivers and workers who only occasionally get behind the wheel. If your employees spend any time at all on the road, even if it’s just once a year, it’s worth investing in regular safety training. This can save lives, prevent injuries and stop expensive accidents — which sometimes prompt even more expensive civil lawsuits.
According to some federal studies, certain types of training interventions for professional drivers may reduce serious on-the-job crashes by up to 59 percent, reports Chicago’s CBS affiliate.  That figure comes from a recent Virginia Tech Transportation Institute report advocating for “drive-cams,” which film both semi-truck drivers and the road in front of them. Supporters of the cameras, which are typically affixed to windshields, say that reviewing footage of unsafe habits can dramatically improve overall safety, while also providing insight into what went wrong if an accident does occur.
A recent accident in Texas involving a professional tractor-trailer driver and the executive director of a prominent non-profit highlights the importance of defensive driving training. The 59-year-old leader of a group that advocates for women in politics was a passenger in a car involved in a six-vehicle accident in early June. She and a coworker were driving together from Austin to Dallas to attend a work-related function when the truck reportedly slammed into them from behind. The other non-profit employee was injured. The driver of the tractor-trailer was arrested for criminally negligent homicide.
This is just one example of the thousands of tragic accidents that occur on our roads and highways each year, causing victims’ friends, family members and coworkers unimaginable heartache. Such crashes can also be incredibly expensive,  leading to costly medical bills, equipment repairs, insurance hikes and legal fees. Invest in safety training now to avoid immeasurable losses — both personally and financially — down the road.

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