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January 22, 2015

E-Learning Trends in 2015

As we look back on 2014, the e-learning industry has seen tremendous growth. Companies are using e-learning more and more to improve employee productivity. Within the last year, it is stated that 81% of online learners are generated by companies, with productivity improving by 50%.
Since the institution of e-learning, companies have an opportunity to invest in its employees’ professional development plans, as well as build stronger learning cultures within the workplace.
The e-learning industry is a 55.6 billion dollar industry and is projected to double by the close of 2015, it’s safe to say e-learning is here to stay!
The new year is projected to be a profound one for the training industry. According to, the industry is making great strides and continuous efforts to bring continuous education to the forefront. To help your company stay aware of the coming e-learning trends in 2015, here are a few trends provided by Training Magazine:

  • With the increase of jobs and the restoration within today’s economy, job hopping has become popular and has increased. Companies are taking the necessary precautions in identifying opportunities to retain their employees and increase productivity within the workplace through e-learning.
  • With the increase in jobs, new-hire orientations are now easier through the use of video. More companies are looking to use videos this new year to illustrate best practices and tutorials to make the learning experience easier for new hires.eLearning
  • Technology is taking a shift. The use of text-based communication practices are declining and the use of video communication is increasing. In 2015, companies will begin to provide more content visually through smartphones or webcams to reach their audiences.
  • Preserving knowledge through the use of video will increase. Utilizing video to share knowledge makes the showcasing of products and services easier for employers and employees. Not only will the employees receive the knowledge via video but with the use of social media, sharing content has gotten easier for all parties—both employees and employers.

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