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May 31, 2016

Focus on Employee Development to Boost Performance

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Training your employees develops new skills and improves performance.

Training your employees develops new skills and improves performance.

While many factors go into a company’s performance, one that stands out in particular is the human factor. The people who work at your company can make a huge difference. That’s why proper training and employee development are so important for any organization. 

Employee Retention and Engagement

When employees leave, interviewing, hiring and training their replacements is expensive. Depending on how seasoned the outgoing worker was, it can take a long time for the new hire to reach the same level of expertise and experience. In many ways, you’re starting all over again.
One of the reasons employees leave a job is because they aren’t stimulated enough. They’re unsatisfied with their stagnant roles and they feel like they’re treading water. When this complacency sets in, they often look for new opportunities elsewhere. Ongoing training and development can help curb this because employees are constantly challenged and engaged with new and exciting skills. By investing in employees through development programs, a company can improve employee satisfaction, retain their top performers and build loyalty.

Fostering Innovation

By challenging team members, a development program can help them learn new ways of thinking and different ways of viewing challenges. These traits are critical to product and service innovations. In today’s digital age, technology is growing at a phenomenal rate. New tips, tricks and tools can help employees work smarter and get more done. Introducing team members to new trends, developments and technologies in their industry teaches them to use a fresh set of eyes on any challenge, and helps give your organization a competitive edge.

Collaboration and Communication Skills

In many businesses, each department can turn into its own silo. Cross-functional communications can be a challenge, leading to inefficient processes and inferior production. Bringing employees together in a training environment can help to forge new connections, sparking a more collaborative culture across groups.
Proper development can also help to unify your company. Your employees will learn crucial skills like conflict resolution and team building, helping them to unite and work more effectively toward a common goal. By taking them out of their everyday roles and showing them the “big picture,” training programs can improve morale and build a stronger company culture. Happier employees who feel like they’re part of a real team will be more productive.
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