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September 4, 2014

Glassdoor ranks companies by workplace culture and values

A positive corporate culture often encourage employees to exercise and eat healthily.

To improve your company culture try encouraging employees to adopt healthier habits.

Are you a manager who wants to improve the culture at your company?

Job listing and career management site Glassdoor recently released its first ranking of American companies in terms of workplace culture and values. Glassdoor compiled the list based on the reviews of anonymous employees. Twitter, Edelman, Google, Riverbed Technology and Facebook claimed the five highest spots. Southwest Airlines, Chick-fil-a, National Instruments, Chevron and H E B rounded out the top 10. So what if you are a manager who wants to improve the culture at your company? Here are some factors to consider:


Companies like Twitter are awash in creative energy. If you would like to encourage your team to think outside of the box and become more innovative, check out Mastery Technologies’ many training courses on effectively developing positive organizational values.


Workplaces that encourage healthy living often have more positive cultures. Promote the health and wellness of your employees by investing in training courses on topics like diet, nutrition, stress, fitness, work-life balance and overall wellness.

Low Turnover Rates:

A company with a great culture will likely see low turnover rates, because employees simply don’t want to leave. If it’s hard for you to hold on to workers, it might be time to evaluate your corporate values.


Many of the companies Glassdoor named got high marks from employees for promoting teamwork among staff.

“The culture is amazing,” wrote one anonymous Glassdoor reviewer who works at Google. “Each employee does not mind helping the other out if they are stuck.”

While “teamwork” is an abstract concept and therefore hard to measure, it is not difficult to improve with a little organized effort. Mastery Technologies offers several insightful courses to help managers improve a company’s overall sense of camaraderie and support.

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