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February 25, 2015

Great customer service begins from within

Optimal customer care starts with optimal employee happiness.

Optimal customer care starts with optimal employee happiness.

Employee training is a key factor in understanding company guidelines and expectations. Often, the customer is thought to be “always right,” the most important variable in a successful business. But another factor, employee happiness, is just as vital. To ensure quality customer care and happiness look at overall employee happiness first. Implement the tips below into your employee development training for optimal customer care success:

  • Engage Employees.​ ​According to a recent Temken Group study, “91% of highly engaged employees always or almost always try their hardest at work, compared with 67% of disengaged employees.” Make sure communication is kept open between employees and management. If there is a major issue repeatedly occurring, address it and move forward.
  • Cultivate Creativity.​ ​In customer care, scripts or internal memos are used to ensure that all calls are handled in the same timely and professional manner. Don’t let this stifle employee ideas. Ask employees if they feel they are addressing customer concerns in the best and most efficient method. If not, engage in group meetings to collaborate on changes or improvements. This could drastically change the experience of the customer and their willingness to ask for help again.
  • Treat your employees they way you want them to treat your customers. According to a study by McKinsey and Company, “70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.” Customer care personnel should be friendly, understanding and know that they are important from the moment they are being helped. Small changes like addressing them by name and appreciating their concerns instill a sense of trust. Likewise, employees should feel appreciated, heard and understood to develop excellent customer care practices.

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