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September 16, 2014

Harassment 101: Creating A Positive Workplace

Hbullyave you ever been bullied on the job? Or, have you been a victim of verbal harassment? Harassment comes in all shapes and sizes and can affect your overall work performance.
Harassment is the act or an instance of harassing, or disturbing, pestering, troubling repeatedly or persecution. For some, harassment within the workplace can be described as continuous unwelcome conduct or comments directed toward an employee violating their civil rights.
Employees should be excited to go to work each day, free of worry and fret that cases of harassment might present themselves.  Mastery Technologies offers a training course, “Creating a Respectful and Positive Workplace,”  to help employees create and contribute toward their company’s efforts in creating a respectful workplace. With training such as this, employees become more aware of their fellow co-workers’ civil rights, eliminating the number of harassment complaints.
In this training, employees learn how to avoid discrimination and intolerant behavior within the workplace. In order to maintain a respectful and positive workplace, one must respect the unique perspective and offer downloadknowledge when needed to others. The training also covers discovering collaborative skills and the importance of establishing an environment conducive to creating an effective team.
When working to eliminate harassment within the workplace, instead of tearing down ones self-esteem, building ones self-esteem contributes to the organization’s overall mission.
Learn more about handling harassment within the workplace by looking into one of the many training courses provided by Mastery.

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