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February 28, 2011

Hazardous Materials and WMD Awareness Level Training

Could you encounter a hazardous material incident or emergency involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD) during the course of your daily work? Police officers, fire fighters, security personnel, highway workers, EMS and industrial personnel, to name a few, may face these types of emergencies. To come across such an incident requires awareness-level knowledge to help start appropriate response efforts.
OSHA and EPA standards require personnel to possess awareness-level information for reacting to hazardous material and WMD incidents. Use the Video On Demand course, “Hazmat/WMD Awareness” to train personnel. If you want to qualify for CEUs, complete the Advantage version of the course, available on

Hazmat/WMD personal protective equipment

For further training “Hazmat/WMD Self Protection for Firefighters” provides fire fighters and other first responders with training on appropriate protective gear to utilize during a hazardous material or WMD emergency response.
hazmat/WMD response and PPE

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