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April 24, 2014

How Are You Going to be a Good Leader?

Often times, we get placed in a leadership position and are eager to begin with newly inherited motivation and energy.  Usually, a delayed response sets in when we gather our thoughts and begin to think how am I really going to do this position well?

When you are in a management or leadership position, there are many times where you’ll have to make difficult or executive decisions.  In these types of situations it is important to think about your employees, and recognize how your actions affect your team’s outcome.  Figuring out who your employees are and what drives them helps you motivate and better coach them.
Personal experiences can help you to make decisions for your team, your past experience and knowledge is what made you a great candidate for the leadership position in the first place, but training will also help to better hone in on skills you may be lacking as well as strengthen ones you already utilize.

Mastery recently released two leadership and management courses from content partner, Quality Media Resources (QMR), that are designed to get leaders thinking in out-of-the-box ways to become more influential and encouraging for their team.
The new course titles, “A Manager’s Guide to Surviving the Slings and Arrows (Legal & Behavioral Challenges of Management),” and “To Lead or Not to Lead: A Manager’s Guide to Communication and Leadership Skills,” explore topics commonly encountered as a leader, along with tips to overcome them.  These courses use real actors to portray scenarios in which the situations occur to demonstrate how the advice can be used successfully.  They also have input on each topic from real professionals in the industry.

There is no way to avoid the slings and arrows that happen when you’re in a leadership position, but there are effective ways to overcome them and further improve your skills and better your team. Use for even more courses related to management and leadership guidance.
Do you have any advice on how you effectively coach and motivate your team?

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