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May 26, 2015

How important are soft skills in today’s job market?

Soft skills can be just as important as field skills in a work environment.

Soft skills can be just as important as field skills in a work environment.

What really is the most important skill set an employee can have? Is it their education? What about practical trade skills in their field?
New research from several online education companies indicates “soft skills,” such as a good attitude, a willingness to learn and a strong work ethic are just as important, if not more than the sets mentioned above.
According to Business Daily News, three of the most important skills to have are:

  • Management: Workers with a passion for taking charge and teaching are crucial in a work environment. Hiring those that want to move up the ranks can increase employee retention as well as overall skills a company has.
  • Personal: Employers want workers that are flexible, creative and know how to make good decisions. A drive for perfection, or close to it, in their social lives could be a crossover of skills into work lives as well.
  • Work ethic: Employers want a workforce with a strong drive to be involved in the business and increase overall production.

These skills aren’t necessarily taught outright in any classroom, but can be seen in day-to-day activities, afterschool jobs and internship opportunities. Hard skills related to a field such as pertinent changes and adaptations can always change, but soft skills usually remain the same as well as necessary for an optimal workforce.
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