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July 26, 2011

How Much Do You Value Your Vision?

According to the CDC 2,000 workers in the United States require medical treatment every day for a job-related eye injury. Eye injuries can range from small particles causing abrasions to blunt-force trauma, chemical burns and thermal burns (to name a few). Not only can these injuries cause an employee to miss work for several days they can create life-altering consequences such as loss of vision.
OSHA requires employers to provide any necessary personal protective equipment for eye safety.

Instead of risking permanent damage to your eyes take the time to practice eye safety, which includes identifying potential hazards and utilizing the appropriate protective equipment (both PPE and machine guarding).

Eye Protection” is an online training video which presents employees with the know-how to understand job hazards and the importance of eye protection. Help your employees SEE how easy it is to protect their eyes with this Video On Demand.

You can also incorporate the CDC’s Eye Safety Checklist to help remind workers to practice eye safety.
Put on those safety glasses and show your co-workers you value your vision!

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