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June 10, 2011

How One University Earned “Straight A’s” for Compliance Training

The Buildings and Ground Management Department at St. Cloud State University, located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, makes use of Mastery Technologies’ online training and Learning Management System to fulfill their compliance training and training administration needs. After switching to online training, when the majority of training was done in group sessions or one-on-one, St. Cloud State has been able to achieve 95-99% completion rates. This noteworthy success demonstrates how St. Cloud State reaches amazing results with Mastery’s online training.
Joseph Teff, Safety Administrator at St. Cloud State, tracks and administers training assignments through the MasteryNet™ Learning Management System (LMS). Teff has noted some of the benefits he has seen in the staff since switching over to using online training as a part of their program; employees enjoy and actually apply lessons learned from their online training sessions to their day-to-day work. Teff shared several experiences demonstrating how employees retain the information learned in training and find it relevant and applicable to their actual job tasks.

St. Cloud State University employees have been able to achieve some amazing training statistics, helping them build a more competent and efficient workforce. Mastery Technologies is proud to help provide a resource St. Cloud State has been able to successfully utilize.
Click here for the full story on the success of St. Cloud State University.

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